Monday, August 10, 2009

Certify: a better way to manage your expenses

I'd like to tell you a little about our newest business partner, Certify. We recently entered into an agreement to market and provide support and training for them. This is the result of a long search for just such a solution. Kerr Consulting has a wide range of software products to increase productivity for the small to medium business. We offer everything from contact management software to enterprise resource planning software, and we're always looking for pieces to fill in the gaps.

One thing we have had trouble finding has been an expense management and reporting solution. We've evaluated a significant number of different providers - online, hosted, and on premise solutions. After a great deal of consideration, we visited with Certify in June. We decided that they were the best fit for our clients based on the following criteria (among others):
  • Price. There's no setup fee; the Personal edition is just $4.95 per month and the corporate version starts at around $10 per month and volume discounts are available.
  • Ease of use. Certify currently has eight ways to enter data - you can send in the information from an app on your Blackberry or iPhone. You can fax it in. You can send in the information on a text message.
  • There's no software to install; if you can access the internet, you can prepare and file your expense reports.
There are many other reasons we chose Certify - integrity, data security, innovation - and we hope you'll give them a try. Visit our website to learn more, or sign up for the free demo.

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