Thursday, August 27, 2009

Said "Black Sheep black, do you got some wool?"

It's nice to be able to respond "Yes I do, man, my bag is full." But how do you know how full that bag is? Not too long ago, we could only determine what our financial situation was by sitting down with our (printed) bank statements and our check register. Now everything's online, and life's much easier. Your paycheck gets deposited directly to your checking account, and your kids spend it directly with the debit card. And your employees have the same situation.

However, you still get your check deposit advice as a paper copy. This has a number of drawbacks. First, it's easy to lose your check stub. This takes up valuable administrative time when employees - especially around tax time - begin to ask for replacement paystubs.

Secondly, the hard costs to processing and mailing these check stubs are not small. A dime for a blank paycheck form here, forty two cents (and climbing) to mail the form, and it all adds up.

Finally, it's not very green. Sooner or later, all of those paystubs end up in a landfill somewhere. Add to that the fact that your personal information on that stub passes through many hands on the way to the landfill, and you've got one more reason.

The solution is ePaystubs from Kerr Consulting. Utilizing a secure website, your employees can view their current pay advice, including deductions for insurance, taxes, or defined contribution plans.

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